“We value Corpse more than a living Being “

I have came to realize this practice and I think I have to share to help us all understand so we can make changes.

I’m from the Highlands region of Papua New Guinea and I have undeniably respect all our ways of respecting the body of our loved ones when dead.

Everyone is special and in Melanesian society, everyone is connected to each other. When we have a death in our society, we spend thousands and at times almost million kina to facilitate the funeral and burial ceremonies.

We provide convoys of hundreds of vehicles, slaughtering hundreds of pigs and cows, buying very expensive coffin and beautiful flowers and perfumes, suits and safari, spending thousands kina to preserve the corpse with the embalming procedure. Sometimes hiring chopper to transport the body.

“All the good deeds and expenses are not recognized by our loved one who is dead”.

I want to encourage us all to value our loved ones while they are alive and help them to be heathy and live longer.

We must make convoys to visit those who are sick and in hospital or at home. Contribute money and foods and make donations to help those who are in need and suffering. Buy expensive and best clothes for those loved ones when they are still alive and if you have enough then take them for a helicopter tour or road trip to their most favorite places.

We having increase in medical bills and cost of medical services is very expensive within PNG and abroad. Its worthy to contribute to meet the cost of the best expensive drugs and the definitive medical or surgical treatment for our loved ones who are sick.

For instance, we have lost most of our loved ones through all forms of cancer. In PNG, we don’t have a clear pathway for cancer management. Most cancer patients presented to hospital or are diagnosed a little bit late and require further treatments like chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy, which are only available abroad. Those people desperately need money and it seems that money will determine if they are going to be either alive or death.

It’s important to contribute to meet medical bills just like we did for “haus krais” and funeral arrangements. We spend less and give less attentions to saving lives than honoring corpse which can’t recognize anything. We even pray for the corpse but we failed to pray to save them from dying.

Help Educate each other with this message and we all can make a difference in our community, District, Province and the Nation as a whole.

By Dr. Krond M Jnr2021

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  1. Lenny Hiob

    That’s very true & we the young generation today need to do so


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