Towa uses his experience to give others a better shot at life

IT’S tough when you lose both your parents while still young. Lazarus Towa is one who knows just how hard it can be.
Towa, 28, lost his mother while he was still a baby and his father while in grade 11.
“It was very difficult at times but I have made it through. I now have a good job and I want to help others to become successful in life as well,” Towa said.
Towa is from Kerowagi in Chimbu province. He works for an Australian agency in Port Moresby.
He uses his free time to help people. He says it was the experience he went through that motivated him to help others facing the same predicaments.
Towa has been helping people looking for jobs by helping to write up their resume/curriculum vitae and covering letters to ensure they present themselves well to potential employers.
Towa goes one step further by applying for vacancies on behalf of these individuals who may not have access to emails or the internet. Towa gives advice on interview preparations and presentations.
He has been receiving a positive feedback from those he had assisted in the past. He feels good and considers a blessing to know he has helped someone.
“All these free services I am doing are out of love and passion to help others, without any costs involved or favors in return. All my services are free of charge.
“Together we can contribute and give back something meaningfully towards our families, communities, provinces and the country as whole, through our individual gifts.
“Mine is my love and passion to help others.”

Published on “The National” Newspaper and Website June 28, 2017. https://www.thenational.com.pg/towa-uses-experience-give-others-better-shot-life/

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