Plan Your Redundancy Ahead Mr. Manager.

Dear Manager, please I appeal to you with my humble heart, before you start making redundancy amongst your employees, please have some human hearted plans for the future of your employees that are on your redundancy lists, they are human beings as you’re at the end of the day.

They have needs and wants as you do, they have a household to look after. They have worked for you for a while then and now, they invested in your organization, they make you look good most times.

Don’t just give them their redundancy note and let them walkout your door aimlessly and with heavy heart, please I repeat again, they are human just as you.

Most of your employees are in their respective jobs for quite a long time, and the basic skills for job searching might not be something that is going to be easier for them, because they might have loved their jobs very much that they just don’t want to apply out and leave, so now when you ask/force them to leave, I tell you, to apply out again will be a new start for most of them, and sometimes this exercise might take some time and effort before it will work out.

Here are few points you might want to consider Mr. Manager: Recommend them to other potential employers within your circle.

  • Assist them with some counseling and reintegration programs.
  • Give them some Job Search Tips and Trainings, so that they can refresh and be prepared to apply out again. (I am willing to come in for that upon your invitation, to help them out with their specific job search needs).

Again, they are human beings as you’re, and most times, some of them suffer big time emotionally and are stressed out easily by in such situations.

This is just my humble appeal to you Mr. Manager in the event that you are in such situations again in future.

Thank you for your time reading this piece.

Respectfully Yours, LT

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  1. GIBSON Utzy

    I completely my diploma in HR and doing my pravit business and really want to employee to get more experience..


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