Liklik story blo Lae Morobe Province final 2020 LT’s Job Search Tips Workshop.

So mi putim toksave lo Facebook lo 17th December osem workshop bai kamap long 26th December lo Lae, registration fee K150, disla moni em bai helpim cost blo ranim workshop. Before next de blo toksave out, tupla lain register, na quick taim mi go kisim wanway ticket blo go Lae-Pom travel date December 26th 2020 at K397.60.

Presentation venue na ap ples blo silip, light refreshments during the workshop, na printing costs blo ol certificates em mi askim na kisim estimates tasol na mi hope osem em bai mas wok lo budget tasol.

Slowly before the closing date blo registration, 3pla more register na mi kisim K450, na mi go baim return ticket blo mi Lae-Pom K439.40, em lo 24th December mi go baim disla ticket blo travel kam bek Pom on Sunday 27th December 2020.

December 26th mi kirap lo 3am, taxi 🚖 driver wer mi arrangim lo kam pickim mi go lo airport yah ino kam, phone blo em off, at 5am an angel came and gave me a free ride to the airport, and I was the last to be given boarding pass just because check in for PX100 to Lae was going to close.

At Nazap at 6:45am, on Tiku airport bus 🚌 to Lae 2 hours before the start of my workshop the same day.

3 participants paid their registration just before the start of the workshop K450.

And guess what, taim mi kisim invoice blo venue hire, light refreshments, printings and a night accommodation, it was all added to K444. And I gave the K450 and got K6 change.

Disla Bikman yumi sa lotuim Em yah Em no ai pass Man yah.

I gain nothing but I know He is happy for what I am doing.

Ol sampla manmeri yumi stap yet lo ples graun yah I save thing olsem lo mi olsem mi wanpla business man or moni man, ol sa ting mi gat plenti cargo na samtin. Tasol sampla taim mi save brukim peni box na ranim ol kain workshop yah.

Nogat way bai mi mas painim na wokim way yet bikos em mi laikim na mi wokim so mi mas push through, even to a point of breaking.

Story written at Nazap ples blo waitim balus lo kam bek lo mosbi PX107 on Sunday December 27th 2020. Tenk yu lo readim.

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