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Job Overview


Position Title: DRIVER

Job ID: 11888

Date Posted: 11888

Location: National Capital District, Papua New Guinea

Source: www.pngworkforce.com

Job Description

We are looking for a reliable Driver to assist the company with all transport-related duties. The Driver’s responsibilities include dropping and picking up staff, collecting various packages, and maintaining a travel log to record work hours, travel-time and locations traveled to.

To be successful as a Driver, you should ensure that all transportation duties are carried out in a timely manner. Ultimately, a top-performing Driver should be able to ensure that addresses and other transportation details are correct before undertaking any pick-up or drop-off duties.

Key Responsibilities

  • Proper use of the company vehicle
  • Ensure that company vehicle is properly cleaned and maintained and that any need for repairs is outlined and reported
  • Safely drive assigned company vehicles by following set rules and regulations

Job Requirements

To be considered for the role you must meet the below requirements

  1. Valid driver’s license class 3
  2. 2 year driving experience
  3. Clean driving record
  4. Sound knowledge of road safety regulations
  5. Working knowledge of local roads and routes
  6. Effective communication skills
  7. Punctual and reliable
  8. Able to working nights and weekends
Based on prior experience
Full Time

How To Apply

If you feel this role suits you and your skill set please email your CV to ra_villorente@yahoo.com



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